Monday, May 3, 2010

Introductions au deux

As I said yesterday, I have decided to fulfill the promise I made in one of the first few posts on my blog. Today I am going to introduce the "middle children" of our little pet family. Kitty and Footnote.
Now I know you've met Footnote, on more than one occasion, but this will be his formal introduction... 

Footnote the Fearful
Footnote used to look like the photo above - then it got hot. So now he looks like this: 

He's quite unhappy with me right now, he is about two weeks post haircut, and now it's starting to grow on him. 
Footnote came to us by way of my sister in law. She brought him to us the day we took Little Man to the hospital for PRTF (you can see his story here). He is a very special little guy in our home. He took the place of companion with Our Guy when Little Man went away. He followed him everywhere, slept in his bed, even came to the name "Little Man" for a while. He was a healing balm for Our Guy when he needed him most. Now, he's my shadow, and my posting buddy. He is currently perched on the footrest of the recliner as I write. He's definitely Our Guy and I's special baby. 
Which leads to the other "middle child" of our doggie family. Kitty. 
Kitty is about the ugliest cute dog I've ever seen. She's Little Man's buddy, and misses him terribly now that he's gone. It's cute. She also has become besties with Footnote, which makes it even cuter! 
Pre-haircut cleaning... she loves to clean him up, and lick ears. It's precious when it's the other dogs -  not so much when it's  you... 
So there you have it - 2 more of our lovely pets. Let's see - Now you have met our Grace, Kitty, Footnote, and Magi! Whew... three kids, eight pets, three adults - one house. How do we do it? One day at a time, my friend... one day at a time!


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

lol one day at a time for sure lol. it looks like you have a fun home filled with love :)

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