Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So, Magimom has dogs... several of them... what can I say -- I love dogs. I love all shapes and sizes of dog... however I have a really soft spot for teeny dogs...
You know the little tiny babies that look like mini-dogs -- the ones that fit nicely in a purse? (I got the hots for the baby blue one of these...)

Well, my son and I are now proud owners of this little guy: 

Isn't he beautiful?!?

We call him all kinds of things, some not so nice (from the 'boys'), others just downright cute: 

  • Coco (his original name, the name-he-came-with)
  • Rocky
  • Mr. Bubbles
  • Fuzzy Bubbles
  • Fuzz buddy
Most of these have to do with the enormous amount of hair this dog has... 

Whatever we call him it's always to play... he likes to play!

Honestly... how could you not love this???

Kitchen - Part 1 - The Plan

So, as I've said repeatedly, I'm reclaiming my kitchen to allow for better 'flow' when working in there... so, in order to do this, I must rearrange these giant (7ft tall, 3 ft. deep) pantry cabinets, as well as moving my fridge, stove, and a wall cabinet -- the only part I will force the SO to participate in... since he's like a million miles tall and stuff... 

So, today is my 'planning' day -- when I harp to the SO that I want to do this, let him know that I'm going to start on it without him... and then hurt myself repeatedly until he takes over... seriously, that's the way it works... 

As I've mentioned before, I have fibromyalgia. This prevents me from doing a lot of things comfortably. This does not mean that I do not try do those things, repeatedly... and I always, always hurt myself. I am stubborn... hard-headed, and when I want something... I want it... now

This is something the SO has come to understand... sort of -- it does not stop him from allowing my stubborn streak to run full bore into the wall that is my physical limitations, admitted or  not. Then he will come to the rescue, my knight in shining armor, to pick up the pieces, add an ice pack to the grossly swollen joint 'of the day' -- and finish (sort of) the project I was killing myself to work on. It's the way it works around here... and so far it has worked... for me
I get what I want done, done... He gets I-told-you-so rights... and I spend three days in bed with my computer and watching him play X-box. Not my idea of a fun way to spend three days... 

So this time around, I think I'm going to try a different approach. He knows that I want this project done... therefore he should be willing to help prevent me from injuring myself... which means he should actually just say -- "Ok, honey, when do you want to do it?" When I ask him to help me... 

What should happen... is rarely what does happen... typically the conversation goes something like this: 

Me: Honey, sweetheart, darling... you know I love you, right?
SO: Wait a second... Let me kill this thing -- ok , yes, what did you say?
Me: Ummmm... I have a project I've been wanting to do... but *sigh* because of this stupid fibro crap... I need your help!
SO: So what is this project you want  to do? 
Me: It's in the kitchen... you know, just moving the pantry cabinets....
SO: I thought you liked them where they are
Me: Well... I do, sort of -- but I have no room for my pots and pans, stuff is falling on the floor, and I'm tired of tripping over lids, and pots, and stuff when I'm trying to cook and take pictures... *sweet liquid eyes -- blink blink*
SO: So... what all are you planning...
Ah! The QUESTION! heheh we're halfway there folks... halfway there...
Me: So - get this, it's going to be cool! I want to take the two pantry cabinets and put them on either side of the stove... then... oh -- we'll need to move the cabinet on the wall to put the pantry there... then we can install (finally) the stove vent over the stove. The cabinet we take down can go up next to the sink to balance it out -- then the one we move out from the other side of the stove can go back to back with the one in the bathroom, and the drawer we won't be able to get to when the pantry is there can go in the bathroom to replace the one we took out...
SO: *sigh*  you're kidding... right?

So, yeah this is the way it goes around here... there will be much hemming and hawing on the subject, but eventually I'll win... and in 6 months, I'll want to do it all again!