Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So, Magimom has dogs... several of them... what can I say -- I love dogs. I love all shapes and sizes of dog... however I have a really soft spot for teeny dogs...
You know the little tiny babies that look like mini-dogs -- the ones that fit nicely in a purse? (I got the hots for the baby blue one of these...)

Well, my son and I are now proud owners of this little guy: 

Isn't he beautiful?!?

We call him all kinds of things, some not so nice (from the 'boys'), others just downright cute: 

  • Coco (his original name, the name-he-came-with)
  • Rocky
  • Mr. Bubbles
  • Fuzzy Bubbles
  • Fuzz buddy
Most of these have to do with the enormous amount of hair this dog has... 

Whatever we call him it's always to play... he likes to play!

Honestly... how could you not love this???


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