Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moving Day...

I hate moving... in real life, or on the internet... it is time consuming, irritating, and invariably, something (or someone) gets left behind. 
I'm hoping that doesn't happen in this case - I've been weighing my options for a while now, and everyone who's serious about blogging has told me that WordPress is the place to be... so - Magmiom is moving to WP. Yep, that's right folks - we're moving over there. So... if you are reading this post, it means two things: 
  1. You're in the wrong spot! Go here to catch up on things!
  2. You might want to update your RSS feed too! Clicky
Everything over here will remain, and I  will monitor for comments and such. 
As always thanks for stopping by - c'mon over to the new place - there is a fresh pot of coffee waiting for you!
Have a wonderful Sunday, 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Boxes, boxes, everywhere!

Gotta love the moving and packing thing!

I discovered some "treasure" while packing my books today. Treasure in the form of the printed page. Books I've had since I was young, books I've treasured most of my life. 
The stack you see in the photo above are my animal encyclopedias. They are actually called the New Illustrated ANIMAL KINGDOM and were written in 1952. There are 18 of them in the set. Publish Post

I cannot tell you how many science reports were written from these books! Especially since they were first used by my Aunt and Uncles when they went to school - we didn't get them from grandma until the 70's. 

When I was young, my grandfather lived with us. His favorite thing in the world was reading - period. He was pretty much self-educated having only completed the 6th grade in formal schooling. However, he was one of the most  intelligent persons I've ever known. My aunt would spend a LOT of time finding special books for my grandfather - books that would not only excite his reading muse, but books that were educational and beautiful as well. Now, I will tell you prior to showing these images these books are VERY old. I have done my best to preserve them, however most of them have been around for 30+ years so there is a bit of dust, dirt, and use showing. 
The first is this one: 
Yes, I took pictures of book jackets - too lazy to stand there and scan as I packed. 
this is Jacques Cousteu's The Ocean World. I spent hours pouring over this book when I was young. It is full of absolutely stunning photography of the ocean and its inhabitants. 
Next up: 
The National Geographic Society - 100 years of Adventure and Discovery 
If you've ever seen a Nat Geo magazine - then you know just how wonderful this book might be. This book was released on the 100th anniversary of the magazine and covered their first 100 years. For those who might not know - that was 1888 - 1988. 
Next up: 
China - The Land, The Cities, The People, The Culture, The Present

Another stunning photographic essay of China and it's people. It was so wonderfully written and presented that the Geography essay I did using it got me an A+ in high school! Not sure but I'm pretty sure this was 1987 or 89. 
The Good Earth -   The view from Audubon Magazine. 
Another wonderful "coffee table" book filled with amazing photographs from the Audubon Magazine. 

My children have loved these books as much as my grandfather and I did/do. My two oldest spent hours in his lap as little ones riffling through the pages and naming off fish, animals, birds and plants. They loved them - and they learned a lot from them. I'll be keeping these around for future generations. Even if it's in these: 
Yep, ALL of those boxes are books nothing but books. No magazines, no videos, no dvds or games.... all books! Whew - and I'm not done. But I am close! 
Tomorrow I will be packing up my great grandmothers china if I can find enough material to pack with. I'll share photos of those treasured pieces as well. Until then - Happy Saturday ya'll!