Friday, January 29, 2010

Being a mom...

So, this blog is by a mom... for other moms... and I guess it would be remiss of me if I didn't introduce my children. Without further ado, the much acclaimed munchkings in my life: 

Kyla - 26 - Clearwater, FL
Kyla was born just two short weeks before my 17th birthday... I learned the hard way about being a parent with her -- an experience I would not choose to have again, but one I would never, ever give up! 

Jonathan (aka 'Sticky') - 22 - At Home, GA

Jonathan is my only natural son, and has been my crutch, my rock, and my savior over the last ten years... I could not live without this young man in my life... He is getting ready to go train to be a smoke jumper... seriously, how impressive is that?!?

Jacalyn (aka 'the baby') - 19 - Tampa, FL

I can say that I was glad to know she waited until she was 18 to get pregnant... I cannot say I think the timing was good, or that she was ready, or that her husband is wonderful and perfect... it is what it is -- and we make the very best of everything. She and her husband (shown below in my favorite wedding picture) Josh have given me the very best gift a person could get... and that is the gift of my marvelous, incredible, handsome, and perfect grandson, JJ. He is the light of my life these days... and I do miss him terribly. Soon a trip to FL is inevitable... donations accepted, comment for paypal info. 

Are they not the sweetest little family... Oh I could just hug them until they cried... or I cried -- something... 

PJ - 16 - At Home, GA

I think this is a most breathtaking picture... my little girl looks so amazing. This is my darling step-daughter, and she is my baby girl. I've been her mom for seven wonderful years... and it gets better every day!

Seth - 15 - At Home, GA

All boy... all motion... all the time. Sweet, gentle, and loving, Seth is my middle son. He's pretty much a straight A student, hates doing chores, and believes fully that the computer is actually a body part. 

Daniel - 14 - At Home, GA

My little man. *sigh* what can I say about the baby of the family... Daniel has a severe emotional disability. In effect, he came to us as 'damaged goods'. He suffered eight years of abuse at the hands of his incompetent drug-addicted mother... who stayed three steps ahead of the law, child services, and his father for those years... and only by the grace of God, and a hurricane named Charley does he live with us today. Daniel's journey is a long one... with a few forks and bends in the road now and then... check out his story here.

I also have an older step-son and daughter-in-law in North Florida... they have a lovely little girl named Elizabeth, she will be one in May... she's precious as are all babies -- however due to some things we have no control over, they are not currently part of our lives, and won't be in the foreseeable future. Maybe there will be more on that later... maybe there won't -- touchy subject. 
So now you've met a cat... and my munchkings... yet -- believe it or not, you have not met the entire family... You still have to meet Bosco, Lilly, Gracie, Kittie, Shakespeare, and Tucker the wonder cat (as in I wonder why I haven't killed him yet). I'll save the other children for another day and another post... they're beautiful and funny, and make life here at home a whole lot more interesting... and frustrating - all at the same time. 


Mindee said...

Snooping through your archives to get your back story. Dang. You've got your hands full. :)

Jenny said...

My goodness. What a lovely family you have! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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