Friday, April 9, 2010

Much to do... little time to do it in

Hmm... looks like a typical to do list doesn't it? Well, in a way it is - it's the Spring Cleaning list... and something more too: 

That's the other list... the one that clearly defines what this is really all about.
We're moving...

Yep - to Chattanooga, Tennessee!

You see, I grew up there - well in a suburb called Harrison Bay. It was God's country to me, and somewhere I have missed with all my heart and soul. For years I've gone and visited and cried every time I had to leave. This was always home to me - I think in a way it's because that was the last place I had my Daddy alive. That's where we lived when he died - to me he's real when I'm there. That comforts me. 
It also puts me closer still to my mother and aunt. Not a whole lot closer, but closer nonetheless. 
Shawn's sister is there, and my best friend since childhood too. Along with a lot of special memories. Things I want desperately to share with my children. So... we're putting the house on the market - and we're moving as soon as the kids get out for summer break... 
The next chapter in my blog will be the wonderfully insane process of packing up six years of living... Things will have to be pared down, and weeded out - we brought so much junk with us to Georgia, simply because we had to move so quickly. This time, we're going to weed things out, get rid of stuff that we don't need and keep only the necessities and stuff we absolutely cannot live without. 
The kids took the decision very well, and are actually excited about the prospect of moving to the mountains!


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