Thursday, April 8, 2010

Family Vacation 2010

We just spent four wonderful days in the mountains of Tennessee at my sister-in-laws house. It was a totally relaxing weekend, and something this family needed. All of us felt so much better after we got home. 
We awoke every morning to this view: 

We drank coffee on the deck overlooking this view every morning... it's fabulously beautiful, peaceful, and so very relaxing!

The tree in this photo is so large that it would take at least four grown men to put arms around it and touch fingers.  
It has to be over 200 years old - its a white oak and it is phenomenal!

These flowers are growing in the front yard. So pretty!!! 

The kids got along well for a change - they actually smiled!!!

We all managed to work out some communication issues that have been going on, and everyone actually enjoyed themselves. Even when were cooped up in the house together and not going anywhere. 

Of course there was me: 
The Constant Chronicler of Family Events

THIS is how I spent the weekend! Heeheee... Lots of neat photos of the tree: 
This is just one of the primary branches - we have trees in our yard that's trunks are smaller! Amazing!

A view looking up through the branches of the monster oak tree!

All in all it was a wonderful time, and something we won't soon forget - in fact, it's something we plan to take advantage of as often as possible! Something big is coming for our family - something that's going to make a huge difference for us! Look for the exciting news soon!


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