Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photogenic much?

Our kids spent a very good portion of the weekend vacation avoiding my camera... the roving eye saw all! I was incessantly behind the lens as the official Chronicler of Family Events.

It's funny how I got the title, the camera was purchased with a tripod for the hubster, because his hands are too shaky for even the auto balancer to keep up with. So, in lieu of all our photos looking like the blob slid across the child just as the shutter snapped, I get to take the photos... which means I get looks like this: 
Or this...
But no matter what look they're giving me, they're exceptionally photogenic kids, at least I think so!

Even though they hate the camera, they seem to always have some sort of smile or something for me... it's kind of nice to know I haven't driven them completely insane with my one eyed monster!

Of course my favorite part is catching them off guard... I have to work on that, something about the camera protruding from my forehead tips them off... every stinking time!


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