Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Epic Battle...

Tucker... I talked about him just a little here, mostly just to state that up to that point, in the three years we've owned him, he'd never had his picture taken. 
The other night I was working on a new chicken recipe, and photographing as I went and Tucker slipped into the kitchen. Immediately the chicken packaging in the trash can attracted his attention - and he went for it... what ensued went something like this: 

NO! Give that back -- it is mine... all mine!

I mean it... seriously, I'm not kidding... it's MINE!

It is MINE I'm telling you -- I found it, fair and square!
Notice, that in the above photo, Tucker has only one small piece of this massive chicken package in his mouth... My daughter is attempting to assist in taking it away from him... he's not having it. There was much growling...
You people kill me... I will be back!

I've noticed something about this cat. He is elusive until there is food involved. Not cat food, by any means, because that's always available... but people food -- cakes, meats, frozen goods, bread... it's all fair game. Another reason why I need to reclaim my kitchen to a more functional and efficient space... and to cut down on catastrophes...


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