Friday, February 26, 2010

Stuff and such

I know that I've mentioned here before how much I love blogs... well -- not just ANY blog, but those deep, gritty, REAL blogs that talk about life, and kids, and food. The folks out there that share their lives via the internet, and make us better people because of it. 
While I would like this blog to be just that one day -- I'm not holding my breath. 
However, I would like to share with you some of the women and men in the blogosphere, who make my day an easier one to complete...

In no particular order: 
Our Front Door - Wonderful blog by a mom, about her life, kids, and daily ups and downs... 
The Pioneer Woman - this entire site is a mainstay in my daily life, from her "Confessions" page to the fabulous photography assignments, Ree Drummond brings a small slice of ranch life to the internet and lets her readers live it through her incredible photography and writing. Her cooking isn't half bad either and if you haven't tried her Beef Stew with Mushrooms you don't know what you're missing! - if you like to bake... oh heck who am I kidding -- if you like baked goods, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candies -- you know, the good stuff, then this site is so for you! Incredible images of some of the most beautiful baked goods, and step-by-step instructions to help ME do it myself! Amazing!
Confessions of a Young Married Couple - Follow the adventures of Chris, Kate, and the Bean-man as they journey through marriage and parenting. Very real, very raw, very endearing -- and the bean is well worth a visit!
The Bloggess - this one is about as raw and real as it gets. Jenny's insight on things keeps a smile on my face long after a post. 
Blogger Dad - Blogger Dad is a cute, funny, endearing blog -- written by the daddy of a very active toddler. His insight on child-rearing and all things "home-life" is incredibly funny and true!

This is really a small sampling of the blogs I try to follow. For some reason, reading about the experiences of others makes things around here seem easier -- or at least not so bad all the time. 

Just thought I'd share...

And just in case you wondered... and I'm pretty sure you didn't... I am still working on the kitchen... but - I'm not ready to post the photos yet... So, hold your breath... ok -- wait, don't do that, because I might forget, and then I'd be responsible for your death... DON'T hold your breath, but look for an update this weekend on the kitchen!


Mindee said...

Dang. You have me in some fine company there. Are you sure you got that right? ;)

Thanks for the shout out and thanks for commenting on my quiz today. I'm leaning towards the maid myself. I don't mind cooking - if someone else will clean up the mess!

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