Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Kitchen - Day 1

See..You thought I'd never get back to this... but I did! hehe... and here is the proof of Day 1~

I started out by photographing everything in its current location... some of these photos are pretty revealing, mess wise -- but my kitchen didn't get cleaned the night before like it was supposed to, so I got up to the 'overflow' from a too full dishwasher. The result of children not wanting to hand wash dishes when we have a dishwasher RIGHT THERE! Anyway -- the kitchen is a mess!

So... these are my pantry cabinets... they are 7 feet tall and three feet deep, the upper cabinet has two shelves, the lower has three. they store a LOT Of food! Notice my garbage can and broom directly behind the back door... not wise, it continually gets knocked over.. and this leaves very little room for travel - if the dishwasher is open you're liable to trip!
As  you can see, this is the other side of the back door, with my counter and upper cabinets visible. Right beside the open drawer at the end is the dishwasher. 

This is the other end of the kitchen with your back to the door. All of this is changing except the corner cabinet. 
A little more complete view from this angle -- you would think that with this much cabinet space things would not need to be stored on top of the fridge! Uggh! What a mess!!!
This is behind the pantry cabinets: the dog crate and the SO's desk. His desk is here because our youngest child, when at home, requires constant supervision and this is the most strategic spot in the house. 

So of course before I could do much  I had to empty the cabinets... notice the coffee cans? Yeah, the SO has a penchant for collecting them -- I do believe in a year or two we will have enough to construct a new house. 
Also rice... if we had to, we could survive two weeks on rice, we have a lot of it! 
Here are plastics, bake ware, and dishes... most of this plastic crap will likely go in the trash because it is either just a lid or just a container... 
This photo does not truly show the magnitude of this pile... the section of counter is three and a half feet wide! 
And of course because it was moving too, I had to empty the spice cabinet! 
So... now's the time when I get to interrupt the SO's video game... because it's time to get the screwdriver out and start pulling these suckers down... and I have promised myself that I will NOT do anything that I KNOW will hurt me this time... 
So I head to the bedroom... I walk in past the television, looking around, for the electric drill/screwdriver. And the conversation went something like this: 
SO: What are you looking for baby? (I'm kinda in front of the TV so he's a bit frustrated)
Me: The screwdriver thing
SO: If you mean my drill... it's right here -- what are you doing?
ME: Ahh there it is! Cool, I'm taking some screws out of the wall...
SO: What screws? 
ME: You know, the ones in the kitchen...
SO: Are you ready for me to take that cabinet down now?
ME: Ummm... let me think -- yes, I think that I might be! 
SO: *sigh* Ok... let me get my shoes on...
ME: Ok, I'm going to take this out with me... as I pick up the drill...
SO: Umm... No, I'll bring it when I come, thank you! 
And with that he takes the drill and goes to the bathroom and SHUTS THE DOOR... leaving me standing in the bedroom, empty handed, in front of the television... listening to 40's music on Fallout... interesting -- I headed back to the kitchen.

Ten minutes later, the SO comes out, sans drill -- it was still in the bathroom, and as I dashed off to get it for him, he discovered that I had forgotten the cabinet over the stove had to move, and had neglected to move the stuff out of it... Well that's ok, because that stupid cabinet is 7 feet off the floor... I can barely reach it, much less SEE inside to know what's in there, so I don't USE it... that's HIS cabinet and I have no clue what's in there! Other than an outlet that I'd really love to be able to use...
Anyway, the SO found my foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, and steam bags for the microwave! Nice find love!!! I had been LOOKING for those things ;)
Now for removal of cabinets! 

See! There's my outlet! It's supposed to be for an under-counter mounted microwave oven... which broke within two hours of installation, was returned to the manufacturer and we got our money back. 1. The microwave was dangerous for our youngest son -- he could not safely remove hot food from it. 
2. I could not safely use it, and it couldn't be any lower because it would interfere with the stove. So, we got an 'on the counter' model that was easier for all of us. 

God I hate that green paint! It was original to the house... and initially the cabinets were ceiling height, but they were too high for me even with a step stool so a few months ago, we lowered them, and I haven't had time to touch  up the paint... that's happening this week! 

Onward to the moving of things! 
So now here is my new "cooking alcove" -- my pantry cabinets are in place on either side, and the sides of them as well as the wall will be covered with green marble tiles to create a backsplash.
Cabinet in place and some items put away... of course not long after I took this photo I changed my mind on the placement, but I had to get the stuff out of the SO's way so he could do this: 
Another cabinet on the wall!!! YAY for me! no more tripping over it! 

So that is all for now, I was so exhausted after we finished that I didn't get a whole lot of putting away/organizing done... that's for today. So for now, I'm off to charge my batteries, and get ready for Day 2! 


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